Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!

We went back to the dates where we seemed to drop off the face of the blog. It all seems to revolve around Karsie walking. Phew! It's been quite the adventure lately. She really likes to find the kitchen utensils and pull them all out of the drawer.

Karsie's interest in food still is strong, but she still is not eating enough. We think we'll fight this battle until we're able to reason with her.

We have been fighting granulation tissue problems. For other kids with G-tubes, this is common, but frustrating. We're trying to cut down on leaking, but granulation tissue kinks the tube and makes more leaking. We've been given silver nitrate to burn off her tissue, but it's a fairly slow process.

In other news, Karsie is running everywhere. We're not sure she knows how to walk anymore. She just goes full speed wherever she goes. She also LOVES to read books. Most nights she pulls out books from her shelf and has us read them to her one by one until we've read them all. Then, she goes for round 2. She's really good at picking out the animals in the book. She also loves guest readers. We've had some visitors over the holiday, and Karsie has been very happy to have them read to her.

We are very happy to have Aunt Mandy back from New Zealand. Karsie is too...

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  1. Thanks for updating us. When will her next round of doctor appointments be? Is she eating and enjoying peanut butter and jelly? Pudding?
    Cookies? Can't wait to her about approaching surgery for her. Please keep us posted.