Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Vacation Volume I - "108*"

In case "108*" is a bit confusing, let us enlighten you. It was the temperature in Las Vegas when we passed through and stayed for the night. Yuck!
Our first stop was Las Vegas. Since it was a weekday (Sundays are weekdays to the hotel businesses) hotels were cheap, so we treated ourselves to the MGM Grand. It was okay. Not great. We are a day behind on posting, so we'll get yesterday's up tomorrow or tonight. This was a picture taken on our way out to get dry ice on our way out of Vegas. Why dry ice? Breast milk. We are trying to keep 45 bags of breast milk frozen for two weeks. Well, it's 45 minus 3 each day.
Can you tell Kevin had on a carrier backpack for Karsie in 108 degree weather? We decided to take a walk to the Bellagio for a buffet (one that we would not end up getting) from our hotel, which ended up being quite the ordeal. They're doing construction on new condos on the strip and that caused us to go up and down and up and down stairs and escalators for many blocks. Not fun when you're carrying a 20 lb child (okay, more like 18.5 or so).

Kevin got Karsie out of the carrier and went to the garden at the Bellagio to cool off. So sweet!
We placed Karsie in front of some flowers at the entrance of the garden. We got a few looks from staff, but all the guests (and a TON of other people on this trip so far) gawked over how cute she was. Yes, we're proud, biased parents.

After we saw that the line at the buffet was way too long and Karsie was way too tired to justify spending that much on food that we will not get to eat as we take care of a tired child, we settled on McDonald's at our hotel. But before we braved the heat again we found a chair and rug for Karsie to play on. We also enjoyed the air conditioner.

Look at that sweet little bum! She LOVED the rug. A Bug on a rug. Ha ha....ha ha..........ha........................ha. (And yes, we wiped her off before she had a chance to chew on hands or feet).

After her spa treatment... Karsie got ready for bed like a big girl. It was time for her first night on vacation. She did very well. In fact, she has done amazingly well sitting in a car for hours at a time. There are moments, but she's a good little trooper.

Up next.......Utah and some national parks!

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  1. how fun all your pictures look...my favorite is Karsie's spa treatment :) Cory