Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leaving Las Vegas

Our next stop was Zion National Park in southern Utah.

Karsie loves being able to crawl and move around... what a nice break before the drive ahead.

We arrived at Zion, already sweaty, but excited to explore.

We promptly found a creek and decided that it was time to play!

It was much cooler down by the water... and so pretty.

Karsie was toasty too... so she got her little toes wet (semi-against her will). Once she felt the cooler water she didn't seem to mind as much.

Clapping on the shuttle bus.

We loved walking by the Virgin River down to the gateway to the Narrows... and if we had more time and the right shoes, we would have walked into the Narrows some.

Karsie loves riding along wherever we go. She loved all the green on this walk.

Zion is full of AMAZING scenery... like this massive rock wall that weeps.

On the walk back... getting a little tired.

On the shuttle back... really super tired!

On our way to Bryce!

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