Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Commence the Condense

There were two reasons that we decided to call G.I. a little earlier than our appointment. First of all, Karsie's speech therapist (eating) wants her to be hungry for her to work with Karsie and this continuous feeding does not make Karsie hungry. Secondly, Karsie is moving...a lot. Today we actually found her under the rocking chair after approximately 30 seconds. It's pretty hard to have a moving child attached to a food bag, so we thought we'd call and see what could be done. G.I. gave us permission to start condensing...at our discretion (but for a week). Imagine that! Giving us some say in our daughter's health care! So we have made a plan for Karsie to condense her down to eating one hour on and two hours off by next Tuesday. So far so good. She is being fed for 2 1/2 hours and then gets a half hour break today. At night she is fed continuously. This should be interesting when it comes to eating by mouth now.


  1. Nana loves this plan!

  2. Hopefully Karsie will only be green due to Saint Patrick's Day & her 8 months birthday tomorrow, and not from a change in eating.