Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Things Friday

1. On Wednesday, Karsie turned 7 months old! We continue to be amazed by her strength and growth... and we are having so much fun with her!

2. Karsie has a few faces she makes on a regular basis. This one is "judgmental face." We laugh super hard when she makes it because it looks like she is judging us... we try to get her to crack a smile and most often she won't... she is giving us practice for her teenage years!

3. Look at that mess! She tried to help feed herself and ended up with food all over her face, legs, hands, and all over Dad too! She ate over an ounce of rice cereal though! She loves her cereal!

4. Play time with Dad! She loves playing... she loves talking and especially singing songs. Her favorite songs are songs that incorporate her omphalocele... you know... the classics...
"Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes *Omphalocele*"

"Touch Your Toes to Tour Omphalocele"

"This is My Liver..."

5. Who ever heard of eating bananas from a spoon? Karsie prefers to eat her bananas like a big girl... so we stick them in this cool little mesh bag for her to gum and suck on! She likes to be able to hold her food and this is perfect because we don't have to worry about her getting a big chunk in her mouth!


  1. She is SO cute! I was showing my husband recent pics of Karsie and he thinks she is so cute as well!

    Blair discovered her Sister's belly button the other day. Kind of sad since she doesn't have one.... yet! :)

    Hugs - Tiff

  2. What a beautiful smile you have, Karsie. Grandma

  3. What a beautiful little girl.
    I have a question, if I may? How long will she have her "feeding tube: ( i may not be calling it the correct name)
    Love & Prayers, Cynthia

  4. Cynthia -

    Feeding Tube, G-Tube...all good names :).

    Karsie will have the G-Tube button for a few years. They won't close that up until probably the closure surgery, which may be a while yet, to make sure she can still get nutrition if needed. However, each time we go to the G.I. doctors we usually make a step toward not having the tube. Right now the better she gets at eating by mouth the closer she is to not having to eat by tube. They will begin condensing her feedings (just like she did a long time ago when she had the tube in her nose and they fed her once every three hours) soon and will continue to get it down over the next few months.

    Eventually she will be eating solids by mouth and we believe once she is eating the nutrition she needs by mouth we will just put the plug on her G-tube button and she won't use a feeding tube. The button will just stay in her abdomen to keep the track there (kid of like an earring) until the doctors are comfortable with her weight gain and eating to close that up.