Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Darn Blogspot!

We have the funniest video ready to post, but blogspot is being non-compliant. Karsie is playing on her little gym and when we crinkle one of her toys connected to the gym she goes nuts dancing. Very funny.

Since we cannot post that yet, we'll just give an update. Karsie is healing. Her last weight came in at exactly 12 lbs. (clothes on of course). She is off the antibiotics and is getting close to being ready to come down on the steroid inhalant as well (she was put on a steroid inhalant to keep her airways open after the RSV).  She is on a pretty good schedule and we are thankful for that. She is however starting to take two naps a day instead of three... and the teething (or rather teeth moving around under the gums) is throwing her off a bit as well. She still nurses at least twice a day. Her skin is really amazing as well... she only has a little bit left. It feels like we have been calling it "quarter sized" for a while... and though I would still use that description, it is smaller than when we first started using it.

Kevin has been back at work and is enjoying getting back into a routine. 

I am staying home for now and loving it. How is it that housework isn't so bad when I am not working? I don't mind doing the laundry and keeping things dusted and tidy when I feel I have time to get those things done. I have also taken to getting some crafty chores done as well. I may post some blog tutorials on a few of my undertakings (though I'm not sure if I would do it here, or on another blog dedicated to crafty type things).

We will continue to try to post the video of Karsie playing with her gym and the crinkle toy dance!

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  1. Karsie did have the RSV injection? Does that have to be repeated? Your new life sounds so peaceful and fun too! Don't you just want to hug Karsie 20 times a day? What a sweetheart! Can't wait to view the video.
    You must have such a thankful heart as you and Kevin reflect on the last few months. God bless you guys and the little angel from heaven.