Saturday, January 2, 2010

Back Home

We're excited to say that we're back home from the hospital. Karsie fought through RSV and hopefully put the worst behind her. So much so that the doctor came in today and discharged us (yes, "us" is the correct word). Karsie still has a little cough, though much more infrequent than before, and she has junk to get out of her lungs and throat, but she has done a complete 180 from before. She was fairly happy all day yesterday and is continuing that today. She's back to her smiling self which had gone away for a little bit... even before we knw she was sick.

The good news is she is home and recovering. The bad news is that because of this latest bit of damage she has done to her lungs she is even more prone to sickness, namely lung type of illnesses, so we're so sorry but we may have to be scarce until she's able to get some vaccines like her flu shots and the RSV shot. Even after we may have to be quite limiting on visiting, depending on doctor recommendation. We will see him on Monday for follow up.

Interesting tidbit: We were on the news a couple of days ago. The Condors came to the hospital and visited the pediatrics department. For those of you that are not familiar with Bakersfield sports (who is?) the Condors are a minor league hockey team from Bakersfield, and they are actually doing quite well this season. They do a lot of community service and they came by to see the kids. So Karsie got a little visit, and from what we saw, we were possibly on the news. We recorded the news that day and they only did a little bit but said the full story was the next day, but in that little bit they showed Kevin and got a little of Michelle's hand. Too bad they didn't come just for Karsie. Her story could be a feature story on our local news. We'll try to get the broadcast if they have it available.

Pictures of Karsie's short visit will follow...


  1. Which news? You can usually get a copy from them after it's aired & the copy may have all the footage.

  2. yeah for Karsie being home!!!! Cory

  3. Glad Karsie is home and doing better. Will continue to pray for complete healing. Sally

  4. I'm so glad the little big is home where she belongs!!! She is soo strong and you are both doing a great job!!!

  5. my goodness, God is really looking out for your little girl. she has overcome so many miracles! so encouraging!