Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hospital Update

Karsie is improving. When we brought her in she was struggling to breath and her oxygen saturation was in the 80s. She has since been put on oxygen to improve her saturation and make it easier for her to breath. They have been weaning slowly to give her a little help as she improves. Right now she has been weaned to 25 percent and 3 liters of flow.

She has a pretty nice hacking cough that has been breaking up the junk in her lungs. Right now she is talking to the top of her bed probably complaining about the nurse that suctions her.

The RSV has turned into pneumonia and we just have to wait it out and hope her body continues to fight the illness. We have been taking shifts staying with Karsie this time. We absolutely love the care she has been given, but the only "bed" they have in her room is the most uncomfortable chair in the world, and since they request parents stay the whole day there is no sleep for the person staying, so it is necessary to stay in shifts. We're working on a make-shift bed in here though. Hopefully she will be out by the time Kevin has to go back to work.

Happy new year everyone. The hospital is not exactly where we would like to start off 2010 but there are worse places. Have a great day!


  1. So glad she is guys have a great attitude! Keep fighting Karsie! Cory

  2. I say bring in a blow up mattress if you can! Those chairs are AWFUL!!!! Slept in one for almost a week when Blair had her belly surgery. Stinks!

    Hugs - Tiffany