Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Bug

"I love me some linkys!!"
"Look at me, I am so sweet in my Christmas outfit! Thanks Aunt Darla!"

It seems the backtracking has helped. Karsie is now up to 18mL an hour of 22cal Elecare. She is doing very well on it and not really gagging at all. She had another bottle attempt yesterday and didn't gag but didn't enjoy the Elecare (yuck). We are now asking about having her take breastmilk by bottle to make the experience more pleasurable.
She is growing a lot! She has grown well for the past week... and she is now more than 8 1/2 lbs. While I still want her back on breastmilk... I have to say that the Elecare is working well to keep her growing!
Karsie's skin is continuing to heal, but it seems her body might be prioritizing general growth above skin growth. The granulation tissue growth has slowed down a bit. Her g-tube site and fundo incision both are healing nicely.
We are pretty ok with the plan being a little slower... in hopes that if we take our time, there won't have to be much backstepping again. We are ready to have Karsie home with us yesterday... but we want her to be healthy too. And for now... as much as we don't enjoy the hospital... we are enjoying every minute with our little bug! She is amazing :)


  1. she is soooo precious....I love her smile and pretty Christmas dress! Good news that she is tolerating the liquid intake :) Cory

  2. Keep your spirits up! You're an inspiration!!! Love you Karsie!

  3. Yeah You go(grow) girl...Sally

  4. What a lover! She is so cute. Love to all, the Goodmans