Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Climb Begins Again

After 36ish hours of staying at 15mL/hour, Karsie has begun to climb back up towards a goal of at least 21mL/hour. She is going to go up once or twice a day depending on how she is doing each day. If it seems like she is getting more gaggy she will stay longer at each volume. If however she is handling well, she will be increased. The trick now is to find her tolerance level and then not go over. Then, once we have a good volume for her, we will see about increasing calories.
Karsie is still doing well in all the other areas! Her skin is still healing well... the granulation tissue is about 2in across now! Her incision from the fundo/g-tube is healing nicely and the g-tube stoma (hole) is healing well also.
Karsie is a lot of fun these days. She is so happy and interactive most of the time. She LOVES to play with her toys and look at books or pictures. All the nurses are saying how comfortable she looks and how fun she is to watch. We feel the same.


  1. I just wanted to say thanks for the daily (if not more) updates. Karsie crosses my mind multiple times a day, and its great to know what each day brings. My sister watches a little girl who had the same issue as Karsie (omniocephale sp?) and she is doing so great a year or so later. I am sure you cannot wait for the day when she is up running all around, the day will come sooner than you can imagine!

  2. Very, very good news. Glad to hear it. Before you know it she will be busting with personality!!!