Thursday, October 8, 2009

Playing the Waiting Game

Yesterday at 6pm, Karsie went back up to 25cal/oz. The hope is that she is older and will be able to handle the increase this time. We are just going to have to wait and see how she does this go around. If she is grumpy and upset again, or if she spits up too much, or if she doesn't gain weight... then we will have to try something else.
Karsie did gain weight last night (60 grams) and hopefully that is the start of a trend?!? She has been averaging 1 spit-up/shift (5-20mL). She has also been doing a great job eating by mouth. She is increasing her average breast feeding intake to 25-30mL each time; she has also increased her bottle intake to 15-30mL each time. It is nice to see her working hard on eating by mouth. We will be able to take her home with the NG tube, but wouldn't it be nice to not have to (or not need it for too long).
In other news, Kevin is planning on coming down again this weekend... after 2 full weeks of being home and we are both very excited about this! Yay for Kevin spending the weekend with his girls :)


  1. Lets hope Karsie puts on a great show for her Daddy.....lots of weight gain and hardly any spit up!
    Excellent work on the PO feeds....good job all around.
    She will soon be home, soon....not yet, but soon.
    Love, Jen.

  2. I'm so glad Kevin will get to be with his girls again this weekend! I'm sure it's felt like a very long two weeks apart. I hope you both have a wonderful weekend together with your growing daughter! :)