Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Less Words Wednesday

Nana and Karsie snuggle.
Grandpa has a last visit with Karsie (due to flu restrictions, he will not be able to see her until she comes home).
Sleeping so comfy!
Karsie is still on 24cal/oz. She is tolerating it fairly well with fewer spit-ups and she is a much happier girl. She still isn't growing the way she needs to be growing. She has averaged 5grams a day for the past 3 days (minimum growth for her would need to be 15-30... with 30-60 being the goal). Pinky looks great and our surgeon anticipates all skin within 2-3 weeks! We are not sure what the plan is for getting Karsie to grow, but somehow it appears she will need more calories.


  1. Then I pray they can find something to fortify her milk with that she can tolerate.
    Somewhere there is a recipe for her.
    Just have to find it.
    Pinky is using up a lot of calories I daresay...when the skin is all done, she might start to catch up?
    Hang in there, she is progressing still, it is just so hard when the progress is slow.
    Lots of love, Jen.

  2. she's doing that Elvis thing on the picture with Nana.