Friday, October 23, 2009

Fat Update

Sorry it's taken a while to get this up.  It's been a long day.  A good day, but a long day.  

Karsie is still gaining.  She is now up to 7 lbs. 12 oz.  That's up almost 5 oz. in a week.  It's great growth for Karsie, but about average for a normal newborn.  Her skin is still taking her calories away, but we're thinking Pinky will be complete before too long now, so that should speed up the process.  The rest of the doctor's appointment went well.  We go back in two weeks.

Eating is still going well.  We have noticed that she is eating much better by mouth at night. She had averaged in the 30's orally until her 6:00 p.m. feeding today.  She ate 72 and 60 at 6 and 9. She also loves eating by breast much more than the bottle.  She took 54 and 72 during her two breast feedings today.  We would do them all by breast but she needs the extra calories until her skin heals and she grows with only the breast.  

Not an area of concern, but an area to watch.  Her poop has slowed down a bit.  Yesterday she had 2 stools and today she has only had one.  Granted, that one was a doozy, but it's below her average.  This is probably not a big deal and might even be good as it shows she is using her calories and not flushing them out, but it's just a change we're watching.   


  1. What a nice report! I am so pleased for all of you. I am glad that the dr. appt. went well.
    When do you think she will be only fed by breast? Are you still having a fairly restful night?
    God bless you all.

  2. Most likely that will be a pediatrician call. The doctor needs to see that she can eat everything orally and gain weight before she starts to back off of the formula. The good news is that our doctor is an advocate of breast feeding being her only source of nutrition when she can handle it, so we know as soon as Karsie can handle it, we will be given the okay.

  3. Yay for getting fatter! And she got her 'Gary'! (you all will have to think of an appropriate girl name for her glow worm like Glenda, Gloria, etc.) Hope it makes her is always makes Owen smile. Love you guys!

  4. Yes, Thanks Auntie Sarah for Glenda! As soon as we opened it for her, we knew her name would be Glenda! Karsie loves her! She calmed her down when we had to drive in the dark... and she loves to listen to the music and stare at her face!

  5. No worries about the pooping. She's way ahead of where London was with that. It sounds like she's getting more than enough if she poops even just once a day. And the more breast and less formula (or anything else) she gets, the less she'll poop. Breast milk gets used up fast.

  6. Oh yes....Glenda it is! Glad Karsie enjoys her!