Monday, September 21, 2009

All is Still Well...

..knock on wood.  Karsie did well her first day of condensed feeding.  She threw up twice, but that's well within her normal range.  She also drank a good 30 mL of breast milk tonight and, when Michelle left, kept it down.  Also, we know we put up a video of Pinky a day or so ago, but even from that there is a noticeable improvement of the skin.  It looks very, very good.  We are very excited about that.  Time marches on..


  1. God has richly blessed your little family!

  2. I just found out about you and Karsie at Baby be blessed. my 2 3 year old boys looked at her photo and said that we have to pray for the baby. so we did. and will continue to do so.
    God bless and stay strong.
    Vashti, Joseph and Jesse