Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Evening Update (8-5)

Karsie is doing well.  She is so calm lately.  Her feeding came with good news and bad news.  She took her 5:00 feeding well.  However, her 8:00 feeding produced a lot of liquid and so they are stopping the feed until that goes down.  The nurse practitioner told us it would be like this, so as long as we continue to try to feed, she should hopefully improve.  For you nurses, they gave her 2 mL of pedialyte and she produced 8mL of liquid, which is much more than you want after a feeding.  We'll try again later.

Karsie's blood gases came back as being good while we were there and she was one point away from being weaned.  We're actually happy about this because we would like a little more time on the pain medication, but she's so close to being off.  

There was a little redness in one of her stitches, but it isn't too terribly concerning because if there was an infection it's being covered by the antibiotics that are already killing Lucifer. Speaking of Lucifer, he's almost dead.  The nurse this morning told us that her CRP (Reactive Protein) was close to normal.  

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