Thursday, August 6, 2009

Awake and Not Cranky

Karsie looked good today.  She has been weaned to 10 bpm, which means she will be off very soon.  They are looking to give her a boost of steroids just before she goes off to help her with her breathing.  They also weaned her pain medicine to once every 12 hours instead of 8.  We'll see how that goes.  We're much happier with this plan set in place as it seems they are taking their time with taking her off the ventilator.  Last time it seemed like they were trying to power through, which is fine, but it didn't work.  We are happy that this time they are really taking their time.  

Karsie is also getting close to getting some food again.  She hadn't produced much bile and so that probably means it's close.  Patch still looks good.  When we went in we just missed the surgeon, but he said it looked good so far.  The nurse also told us that the granulation looked tougher and had a coating on it that was more than yesterday.  Signs are looking good today.


  1. She's so precious I just want to squeeze her and nibble her up! (I won't, of course!). :-)

  2. Wow. She's beautiful! She's so precious, I get all teary eyed seeing her.

  3. Karsie is beautiful! I have been checking daily for your update's. My prayer group and I have been lifting Karsie and your family up daily. It's a small world, I received an email from a friend requesting prayer for Karsie not knowing that I have been praying all along! I believe all of Bakersfield is praying for your precious little one! Keeping you in my prayers.
    Linda Middleton

  4. Oh I could watch it like 84,000 times. Seriously. I've already watched it three times. I might go back and do it again. She is so adorable. SO ADORABLE.

    When Garrett wakes up from his nap I will have to show him the video so that he can see that "his baby" is doing great.

  5. She looks great!! She is a gorgeous lil baby girl. I am so glad she is doing well...still praying.