Saturday, July 18, 2009

Morning Update

No news is now wonderful news. Karsie stayed stable throughout the night. Kevin walked in about an hour ago to see her and she had her eyes open. They are trying to keep her as still as possible so she doesn't damage her incision, but it was cute to see if only for a minute. The nurses are so wonderful here and understand that we have no idea what's going on with her.

Our nurse last night, and until about an hour ago, was named Ruth. She was so amazing at updating Kevin on every detail of Karsie's stabilizing process from what looks good to what they are concerned with. So far it looks like everything that is cautious for now is something they can fix. There are always about 4 nurses around her 24 hours a day. Kevin loves the times when he sees only one or two as it doesn't accelerate his anxiety.

Pictures will be posted as soon as Michelle has had a chance to see them first. We're having to do a lot of transferring being in two different hospitals and her still not getting to see her baby. We just got word that she may get to see her this morning if she checks out as being okay. We definitely don't want her injuring herself trying to get down here. Thank you so much for all of the prayers last night and continuous. It has been both comforting and helpful. We are still aggressively praying for a miracle.


  1. what a strong little girl you have! So thankful she is a fighter and is now stable. What a blessing to have such wonderful nurses!

  2. Know that God never leaves her side. May you feel His presence, His peace, and His strength. Know that you are prayed many.