Monday, May 4, 2009

Hiatus is over...

Hello all.  We are still alive.  We have just not had much to report these days.  Michelle's belly has popped out quite nicely and we can actually see Karsie kicking without feeling Michelle's belly.  

We do have a few doctor appointments to report coming this month.  We have one this Wednesday with our Bakersfield OB.  We're not exactly sure what all is going to be done then.  It could be as simple as getting a urine sample from Michelle and going on our way, or it could be a full on ultrasound checkup.

We do have another slew of appointments happening at the end of May.  Some of the dates are tentative.  May 22nd we have a pretty big appointment in San Diego.  We will get our second fetal cardiogram which will test Karsie's heart again.  We had great results the first time at UCLA, but this time Karsie's heart is much bigger to see all of the little vessels, so we are praying for the same good results.  

Secondly, we have an appointment that following Tuesday to meet with our new perinatologist to go over the test results, and we may have news about dates this summer like C-Section and hospital admittance for Karsie and such if they are able to give us those. 

Keep checking for updates even though they have been scarce.  They will start to get a little more frequent the more we know.  We also have some news to come about another couple we have been in contact with in New York also having a baby with an omphalocele.  We just need to check on a couple of things before we post.  Things are looking good for them so far, so hopefully that is a sign of things to come for us.  

Talk to you guys later. 

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