Sunday, April 26, 2009

The pseudo-finished room!

Okay... so we keep giving you snap shots of the baby room, and now we are mostly done with it... so here is the view.  
First, the picture of the quilt is to show the baby bedding.  That quilt will go on one of the walls as well. 

Now, imagine a big black crib on the first empty wall.  Then, where there is a dining room chair, imagine a comfy brown chair-glider and ottoman.  At some point we will probably add an area rug to the middle of the room.  And there is a large black shelf in the corner that still needs to be hung.  We have gotten as far as we can without having the crib and rocker to really get a feel for where we want to hang things!  

As for any new medical news, we have an appt with the OB up here the week of the 11th just to check on Michelle's progress.  Then on the 26th we will have our first appointment with the new perinatologist in San Diego.  This will be the doctor that sees Michelle through the rest of the pregnancy and delivers baby Karsie.  Hopefully, we will be able to meet the pediatric surgeon in early June as well.  We have signed up to take our child birthing classes with some friends, and we are getting things all finished up to get ready for the temporary move!  

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  1. How CUTE is THAT? I love it! Great job guys!