Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where Do We Go From Here?

We are onto the next step in this process.  We called the geneticist today and she told us that at this point Karsie is being treated as an "isolated omphalocele" which means she only has her guts out but there are no other problems.  Therefore, there's really not too much more to test.  They will still keep their eyes open for signs of other problems, but seeing as the heart looks good and everything on the ultrasounds looks good it's unlikely there are any other problems and they really can't test for them anyway.  

We have an appointment on Tuesday to talk with our normal Obstetrician, so we will hopefully know where to go from there.  We have an idea what the plan is, but we will wait until then to post.  

We have also upgraded Karsie's athletic status from swimmer to kung fu black belt.

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