Saturday, April 4, 2009

Things We Don't Have to Worry About Anymore (Part II)

For this episode we will need to fast-forward about 14-16 years:

Karsie:  Mom, Dad, can I have a bellybutton ring?

Michelle:  No.

Karsie:  Why not? All of my friends are getting one. 

Kevin:  All of your friends have bellybuttons.

(End Scene.)


  1. That's awesome! David and I are laughing hysterically about that right now... :)

  2. Whoa. Will she really not have one? Fascinating. Also, it's funny because Garrett had enough belly button for four kids. If I'd have known about Karsie I would have asked the surgeon to save some of Garrett's.

    I do hope you know I'm kidding...

  3. Michelle, my last word verification was Miste. Thought you might appreciate that one...

  4. Yeah. The omphalocele is the actual umbilical cord, so when they put it all inside the skin is sewn together therefore leaving no umbilical cord left to fall off like normal children. Good plastic surgeons make a little bellybutton when they sew it together, but some just decide not to do it.