Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's a Girl!...I think... (3-11-09)

On Wednesday, March 11, 2009 we decided to "peek" a little early to find out the gender of our new baby.  We had a lot of people very anxious to hear our news so they (especially the soon-to-be grandparents) could start spoiling the new baby early by purchasing baby clothes to fit the gender.  

Gennifer, our technician (who we absolutely love...thank you Gennifer, we totally understand) initially told us that it was a boy.  Michelle guessed first before Gennifer told us as she saw a little "bump" in the "junk" area, which usually means a boy.  Kevin was clueless to what he was looking at.  After looking at the baby for a while Gennifer said that she wanted to get a closer look because there were some things that made her think it was a girl.  

She obviously could not confirm any gender as technicians are not allowed but Gennifer said her best guess would be a girl and the "bump" was just swollen girl parts.  

So, for now, we have a little girl (this educated guess was later reinforced on our next appointment.  So, we understand that our blog name might change a little later, but we are going with the two tech's guesses).    

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  1. Aww.... I will be in prayer for the peanut... and you guys. thanks for sharing. I am sorry to hear of this unexpected journey. God has knit her and will continue to form her and shape her. And... she will be fearfully and wonderfully made. xo~ jeanne Holly