Friday, April 26, 2013

A Rough Time

Karsie's surgery went well, but her recovery is not so fun.  I guess if you told any normal person that the doctors were going to make two incisions in her sides, separate her rectis and obliques, put in a plastic balloon on each side, fill it up a bit, then sew her up, that normal person would say "ouch".  However, for some reason, we were led to believe it was not that invasive of a surgery (most likely because it didn't mess with vital organs).  While that may be true, recovery from it is far from easy.

Karsie had a very rough night and has been in quite a bit of pain.  We spent all night trying to manage it well, but she's still very much in pain.  We'll be here at least another night, and we're hoping not to have neighbors again tonight.  It's hard to recover when two three-year-olds keep waking each other up.

Hopefully she'll get to come home tomorrow.


  1. Excited to see an update on the blog, but I'm sad to see that it's because Karsie had surgery & is hurting. :(

  2. Praying for Karsie, and mom and dad. Love to you all, Keep us posted!

  3. Hi there - Im friends with Mandy - meet he when she lived here in New Zealand - have been praying for you all and thinking of you- do hope tonight is a better one and you get home tomorrow. Linda

  4. starting in 2008 (age 22) i had 3 major brain surgeries, one of which involved abdominal surgery as well. (i had a hernia surgery age 6 but don't remember enough about the recovery to include it in what i'm about to say.) the surgery which involved an abdominal component was the first one, i was 22, and thought i understood all i needed to know about what to expect. i woke up feeling like i'd been hit by a train. no exaggeration, it was AWFUL. the incision for the brain surgery was about half a foot long - which, if you think about it, is quite large given the size of your head. the abdominal incision was about 3 inches long. having had 2 subsequent surgeries with just the brain component, as well as a further minor surgery with the brain, i would take brain surgery over abdominal/muscular surgery ANY DAY!!! the muscles are used so much more often than you ever realize - even breathing hard, coughing, laughing, it's agony, and i once had a sneezing fit that was pure torture & had me begging for the nurses to sedate me. i'm praying for your little girl, that she feels better soon & heals up quickly!