Monday, April 29, 2013

A Rough Day but a Promising Night

Karsie had the worst day since being in the hospital this stay, and it can all be blamed on her shoddy veins.  Her bowels had softened a bit during the night, which was a praise.  She was more comfortable and looked as good as we've seen her.  Then, her IV blew.  After 5 attempts at resticking the IV back in (outch!) the team decided to go with a more permanent solution.  They took her into the OR for a procedure to put in a central line.  That is, they make a small incision just below her neck and run a line through a vein into her heart.  They did this and then sent her back to her room.  Then, they came back and said after looking at an x-ray that the line took a wrong turn and went up into her neck instead of her heart.  So, back to the OR Karsie went and redid the procedure.  Three times in the OR in 3 days is not fun.

However, during all of that, she began to pass gas (we've never been so happy for farts) which meant her bowels were waking up.  Throughout the evening, the swelling in her omphalocele has decreased significantly and she is feeling much better.  She was able to walk a few steps and take a ride in her wagon around the Med/Surg unit.  At this point, we're hopeful to be done soon.  Her bowels have deflated, they should be working properly soon, which means she will be allowed to eat and drink soon, which will give her energy, causing her to be able to move around and walk more, which increases motility in her bowels, and it keeps going from there.  That's the hope.  Here's to a good night.

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  1. I am hoping...but also praying that Karsie has a better evening and that home is in the very near future for Karsie. Praying!!!