Monday, June 4, 2012

Spring Fun

 We have had a lovely spring.  We enjoyed some time away... and had a few doctor's appointments as well.  We saw the GI docs and they said Karsie was growing... "on the Karsie curve."  She is still small and below the growth curve, but she is growing.  They helped us figure out a good option for antacid to give her since she has started to have more reflux.  They encouraged us to slather all Karsie's food with butter and to use heavy cream or half-and-half in place of milk with her foods.  

 We also met with the plastic surgeon.  We were anticipating scheduling her surgery, but the doctor thinks Karsie is just too small for the surgery to be worth the pain and stress to Karsie's body.  She really needs to grow a lot.  So, we still wait.  I am guessing it will be a couple years before she is long enough in the torso.  The goal had previously been to have everything finished by kindergarten.  I think that is just not totally realistic at this point.  Karsie is too petite.  While we were surprised by this news (since we were planning for a summer surgery), we feel good about this plan.

 Karsie had such a fun time at the beach.  She loved playing in the sand.  She did not love the water, and was especially upset when a surprise wave got her wet up to her waist.  

 We also took a trip out to the flower fields.  Some of my favorite pictures of Karsie as an 8 month old are from the flower field.  Karsie had an especially fun time this year because she could run around and play with all the flowers.

 She is also really into smelling the flowers.  Any time there are flowers around, she likes to pause and smell them.  

 We had a lovely Easter with family.  We enjoyed the time away and had a nice time with both sides of the family.

 Karsie had a fun time hunting for eggs with some friends.  She looks like she is ready for diggin' clams!  She really understood the concept this year of finding the eggs and putting them in her basket.  She thought that was super fun!

Hope you have had a wonderful spring!!


  1. How old is Karsie now? I can't remember. I've been following the blog for a while & keep her in my prayers as she grows & gets closer to time for surgery!

  2. She's going to be 3 in July. Thank you for your prayers! She will need them when they do surgery, but more than that, she is as normal as can be...other than the glaring lump in her tummy....which we thank all the prayers.

  3. My prayers continue for Karsie! I pray that the Lord keeps you all in His watchful eye as Karsie grows and develops.

  4. When might the surgery be? We have lots to be thankful for and remember your family always.
    Please keep us posted.