Monday, September 26, 2011

Home From Surgery

Our lack of posting maybe tipped you off to the fact that we are home. Karsie did really well in the hospital once she started eating solids. Her energy and happy attitude came back rather quickly and she was discharged on Saturday. It was supposed to be Friday, but she had a short lived (1 hour), low grade fever... and her surgeon is a stickler for temps.

She is enjoying being out of the hospital... eating... and going for walks/rides to the nearby coffee shop!

And... she is really happy to be able to spend a little extra time with some new stuffie friends (from one of her favorite shows).


  1. Wonderful news! Prayers are answered!

  2. Is Karsie enjoying drinking milk now? With ice cubes?

    Are you getting some good at home time?

  3. What a beautiful, brave and intelligent little girl you have there! I loved watching the little video's of her pointing out her body parts and saying I love Papa. So cute :D

  4. Congratulations for the wonderful news.