Saturday, June 4, 2011

Memorial Day Vacation

Some of these pictures are a little out of order. We forgot our memory card, so we had to borrow pictures from others.
Uncle Dave made a massive fire to keep everyone warm. It snowed! A ton! Well, a ton for California wimps like us.
Daddy and Karsie go for a walk in the cold. It was beautiful.
Uncle Dave makes it "snow" during a down time. It actually snowed just fine on its own without the help, but it was fun to shake the snow from the tree limbs. Karsie enjoyed doing that later, but we didn't get a picture.
On our way down the mountain we took a picture of Karsie next to a Sequoia tree.
Our first day, we went for a walk and put Karsie in her Kelty carrier during nap time. She was out in less than 5 minutes.
Daddy and Nana and Karsie enjoy our only dry day.
Karsie LOVED the snow... that is when it stopped snowing long enough for us to enjoy it. That and when her parents were brave enough to step away from the fire long enough to take a picture.
Back on our first day, a Turner family picture.

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