Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Happenings

December has been an adventure for us!
We started out the month getting Karsie's new 45 cal/oz food and trying to figure out a switch-over schedule for that. We have to get to 19oz of Boost 1.5 (new stuff) and get rid of the 24oz of Pediasure (old stuff)... giving her body time to adjust and us time to monitor how she is handling the change.

We had a trip to Disneyland... and we were lucky enough to be there for one of the Christmas Candlelight Services. If you ever get a chance to see that, it is AMAZING! It was like a Christmas Eve Church service, but at Disneyland! The lights were dimmed over Main Street and a couple hundred choir members walked out holding candles. It was narrated by Tom Skerritt. At one point, all of Central Plaza and Main Street was filled with thousands of voices singing "Silent Night." And the whole thing ended with the "Hallelujah Chorus." It was really spectacular.

This last Tuesday, Karsie got two shots (final HiB and Pneumococcal) and a check-up. Dr. Suen was pleased with her progress, and her g-tube button looked great compared to the last visit. Karsie has never had a reaciton to her shots, but this time she had a doozy! She had a 3-day fever! I called and checked in with the doctor's office when it was 102.6, and they said it was normal... but if the fever went over 104* or if she had other symptoms to call back. She never had other symptoms, and the fever stayed around 100* with tylenol/motrin. She was pretty mellow the whole time. We didn't have a lot of fussing or crying... just tired and hot!

Since then, her cough that had mostly gone away after Thanksgiving, has come back. We have been giving her more frequent breathing treatments and running the humidifier non-stop. Hopefully that will go away soon too!

Somewhere in the month, we have fit in some shopping, Christmas decorating, pictures, work, and time to see some friends! We are all looking forward to some time off for the holiday and lots of time with family and friends!

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  1. Sounds like you are all on your way to a beautiful Christmas!