Monday, November 8, 2010

Sick Little Bug

It's official. October was the weakest month for us as far as posting goes. It is starting to follow a trend of few posts. That probably could be considered a good thing as most of this blog has been specifically for Karsie's medical dealings, so an absence from us usually means some kind of normal.

We'll have to start to think about what will happen to this blog when her stuff is all done - especially if there's a little sibling for Karsie on the way (no...there's no announcement today). Maybe we'll do some sort of duo-blog until Karsie's stuff is done.

Well, enough of the rambling.

Karsie caught a small bug. She's been hacking a bit for the last couple of days. It's a good hack though. Nothing like it was this time last year. She has enough strength to get a good hack in.

Daylight savings was quite the downer. We usually get a good night's rest in. This was our first experience with a kid. No one tells them they're supposed to sleep an extra hour! It's a good thing Karsie is dang cute in the mornings when she wakes up because we weren't feeling so cute when we were woken up.

Karsie has been fighting yeast on her G-Tube site. It's a pain to get rid of once it starts, but we've been managing. Our doctor found us a stoma nurse here in town, so we have regular appointments with her. She gave us some powder to put on Karsie's site. We've been putting it on for a week and it's been doing very well. We're constantly wrestling with her leaking at the site which creates the yeast if it sits on her skin for too long. So the powder is accompanied by many dressing changes throughout the day. We didn't even do that many when she was in the NICU.

Karsie has been RUNNING around everywhere lately. When she learned to walk, she also learned to run. It has been quite the time keeping up with her. At one point we had a few seconds before we had to react to something. Now, we have to glue ourselves to her to make sure she stays out of trouble. Which she does for the most part. For now...


  1. yes, the time change is hard with kids...mine get up at 6:30, but the last 3 days it has been 5:30. It only takes a few days to get back to normal. The positive is they sleep later for the time change ion the spring...for a few days ;) Glad Karsie doing so well, I will keep praying for her G-tube infection.


  2. I am sad for your absences, but am joyful for reasons why! I bet Karsie will keep you busy for a long time..!
    Love hearing from you, my prayers are with you all.

  3. Hey....and hello....! I am getting anxious to hear from you all. I gave thanks for your family and little Karsie. God bless you all and thanks be to God for His remaining with us and of course, for being with Karsie.

  4. Working on it. We actually have quite a bit to post. We'll try and get one up in a day or so. Sorry.