Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update 10/19

After a week, not much has happened. We're still going about our business of working and raising a child.

Karsie has definitely kept us on our toes lately. She is walking everywhere. She probably walks about 90% of the time now. She stumbles here and there, but it is controlled even when she goes down and she gets right back up. It's hard to imagine there was a time we were really concerned with her legs and nerve connection. She can almost keep up with us now. Every day seems to be enormously better than the last.

She seems to be really piecing things together lately. She's starting to talk a little better now. She's been able to say words, but she's starting to make connections with the words. Yesterday she said her first sentence: "Hi Doggie." She was inside looking outside at the dogs through the sliding glass door.

A week from today we see Dr. Gossman, Karsie's plastic surgeon. We're hopeful some news of her next surgery will be available then. Maybe she'll say they don't need to use the expanders and we will only have to have one surgery. Lots to pray for then. Until next time...

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  1. I think of a year ago and all the concerns for Karsie at that time. Then I see Karsie or hear all she is doing now. All I can do is be the grateful recipient of God's blessings! Karsie is such a joy and physical reminder of the mercies of God! Love you all, Grandma T.