Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Sick Week

The Turner family has been plagued! Kevin has been pretty sick all week, and is just now starting to shake it. He has been banished to a room and only allowed to come out with a mask (we have a few leftover masks from the NICU that we saved during the swine flu saga). Michelle was put out of commission for a day today with a migraine - the first she has ever gotten, and it was a bad one. Karsie has thankfully gotten the least of the illnesses, and just has a runny nose and is teething. She goes through the day flip flopping between being happy and being real mellow. Both are good, but mellow is not her style.

As far as updates - everything still is going well. Karsie is starting to stand up on her own (with no help from furniture) and still walking. We're still looking forward to (in a bitter sweet way) the plastic surgeon's appointment in a couple of weeks. Karsie still isn't eating much, if at all. She enjoys playing with the food in her mouth, but she won't swallow.

We went apple picking today, and Karsie was pretty mellow with it. But we did get some cute pictures of her picking some apples. She really just wanted to be held today and look at the apples. Who wouldn't?

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