Monday, September 13, 2010

Two for Tuesday (or Monday)

Bath Time! How obvious is it that she kind of enjoys baths?

Uncle Todd's hair needs to be pet. It's just a must.

**Disclaimer... we have had dogs for years... so long before Karsie came along, we adopted a "close the door" policy in relation to non-essential rooms. So, please rest assured that Karsie isn't crawling into bathrooms unless well supervised.


  1. Well, it is Tuesday for me! I love the videos! She is so stinken cute!

    Aunt Mandy

  2. The run to the bath is cute, but also a bit scary. Be sure to keep the bathroom door closed and the toilet lids closed when Karsie is on the move. It only takes a moment for a toddler to fall in.

  3. Oh wow, those videos are so awesome!! I love how she loves her bath time so much! And I also love how she got such a huge kick out of petting Uncle Todd's hair! What a precious girl!

  4. I love a girl that knows what she wants!
    How fun.

  5. Ha ha ha! Love the disclaimer....Olivia was a good 'baby out of the bathroom' trainer for sure. What a good dog! :)

  6. Soooooooo cute. Karsie is getting faster by the second. The event with Uncle Todd was even cuter and funnier in person than the video clip could capture. Love, Grandma T.