Saturday, September 4, 2010

Quick Hits from the Week (9-4)

-Karsie's site looks much better and she is feeling better. Although today she is digging at it a bit more. We think it's just from a pressure sore that opened up today. We're keeping an eye on it.

- Karsie's feeding is not going well at all. She has actually stopped trying all that much, and when she does try she thrusts her tongue out and it pushes out the food. It's like she's backtracked a bit. We are hoping this is just a phase, but it may be a sign that we need to start going back to therapy for her.

- Karsie's Aunt Mandy (Kevin's sister) is in Christchurch, New Zealand and is okay for the time being. Yesterday's earthquake was pretty scary, and we're still not too sure how it is there, but she's alive and we are all very happy about that. We're still praying hard for running water and anything else that is needed there. We'll put up an update when we hear more from her.

-We got an appointment for plastic surgery. It's in late October. We hope by then she will have grown enough to be ready for her tissue expanders. It's bitter sweet for us because we want her young enough so she doesn't remember much of it all, but it's surgery and terrifying for us.

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  1. Thank you for the update. I pray that she will have an easy time of it with the tissue expanders. She is such a doll!
    Don't be terrified of that surgery. I have had some plastic surgery and it not all that bad.

    It is very exciting to know that it will be on the horizon soon. God bless you all!