Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update 8-4-10

Greetings from Bakersfield!

The Turner Family has been doing well since our last post. Michelle has been busy with her partner teacher getting their classroom ready. They are team teaching at another school in the district, so Michelle has had to move all of her supplies to a different school. Kevin gets to play Mr. Mom during that time.

It has taken us a while to get back into the swing of things not being on the road, but we're close to being there. Just in time for school to start and having to learn a whole new routine again.

Karsie has been doing quite well since her fussy stage. We're right in the thick of weaning her onto the Pediasure, and she's back and forth with handling it. Since our last post, we've given her the same dosage. We think she got stopped up a bit (well, we know she did) because of the new formula switch. Once she had a few days to cope, she was back to normal. She's been very content. Yesterday we changed the dosage again. We're giving her 75% formula to 25% breast milk. In a few days, we'll be to 100% and done with the breast milk probably for good unless she needs to go back or doesn't handle something along the way. Either way, it's been good to have her take the milk Michelle worked so hard getting, but it's a little sad to be done with it if that makes sense. On to the next.

Karsie had a fussy day today at times, and at times she was as happy as she's ever been. Her belly's a little distended, so we're pretty sure this is just the next round of reaction to the formula switch.

We should have some pictures up of our San Diego party soon. Just thought we'd put up an update for now.


  1. So glad to hear Karsie has been able to adjust to the milk switch on her own so far. Keep up the good work Karsie! Kevin and Michelle, you are doing a great job handling each new phase most of us have not experienced in our child raising years. Grandma T.

  2. Pics, I want pics!

  3. How is she doing on the milk switch?

  4. She's doing well with the milk switch. Juice has been our friend as she has been plugged up with the switch. We're on our last day of 75% pediasure and 25% breast milk. We'll wean real slow for the next week or so. She's not on straight cow's milk, but she can drink it by mouth. The pediasure just has 50% more calories per ounce than cow's milk, but it's cow's milk based.

    There are times that she has been real gassy and fussy, but a few days removed from the switch and she's her happy buggy self.