Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Well, we made it! We have successfully weaned Karsie off of all medicine (aside from vitamins and Prilosec) and we now are giving her only breast milk. We're kind of at a funny time because we're on a ticking clock with the breast milk. We have just enough frozen to get us to the next G.I. appointment. Remember all those bottles and bags of breast milk in the freezer we showed you a few months back? We've burned through most of those and are quickly getting down to nothing. The good news is that if all goes well and she gains weight on this diet (fingers crossed and lots of prayer) she might be put onto regular cow's milk. That would be good for two reasons:

1. It would save us a TON of time not having to keep on top of thawing breast milk and moving them from freezer to freezer.

2. It would keep her from having to go onto formula because once we get back to the appointment, we'll be out of milk and Michelle isn't producing enough to meet Karsie's needs at this point. It's a good thing she was so diligent at pumping for so long even after Karsie stopped getting it for a long time.

Gain weight little bug!

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