Monday, July 26, 2010

Back from Vacation

Vacation was lots of fun. Karsie did amazingly well on her first vacation. Especially the 18 hours back in a one day drive we did from Wyoming to California.

Now that we're back, there's lots to do. We have a G.I. appointment to attend tomorrow. We're hoping that there has been some growth on just the breast milk. We're in an interesting situation as we are going to run out of breast milk in the next couple of weeks, so Karsie needs to be started on something. The hope is that we get the okay for cow's milk. That would make our lives a lot easier.

Karsie has been doing quite well on her development. She is a little chatterbox. She also enjoys volume - lots of it. There have been a few dinners that we've had to remove ourselves from because Karsie likes to squeal and talk very loudly. She also is crawling all over the place. She is still doing her little limp crawl, but it's much smoother now and she's using both legs to move (there was some concern that she was developing a preference, but she doesn't seem to be favoring any side). She is also pulling herself up more and more, which is a newer development. She is compensating quite well for her lack of abdominal muscles. She hasn't started to really cruise yet, but we think it's coming real soon. She kind of knows how to do it already, she just hasn't been on her feet on her own as much. But now that she's doing that, she's getting the hang of it quickly.

We're still trying to squeeze out as much of our summer break as we can. We're trying to make up for last summer. Until next time...

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