Friday, June 25, 2010

The Strong Willed Karsie

We almost forgot that parenting was a little more than helping a child survive. Okay, we didn't forget that, but we got a pretty good wake-up call yesterday. Kevin was feeding Karsie while she was in the high chair. She has developed a habit when she is finished that she throws food on the floor. After a few "no's" and explaining what we do with the food on the tray we had to move to phase two. After our ultimatum, she picked up a piece of meat, very defiantly looked at Kevin, and as she was looking at him she very slowly moved her hand over the edge of the tray and dropped more on the floor. After some "parenting" she learned the sign for "finished" and showed it today. And the sign wasn't throwing more food on the floor. Hopefully this will be the end of it (not holding our breath).

We remember praying for this about a year ago, so for our little "incidents" we are thankful.


  1. Yes, we are grateful she is strong willed, she has had to be to get to this point - so you'll just have to learn to deal with it. Besides, I seem to remember her mama being a bit strong willed and you know what they say about payback! Love, Nana

  2. Lily likes to throw food on the floor once she's finished, too, even though she knows the sign for "all done." We usually have to tell her "no" and then take the high chair tray away for a few moments, and then she behaves again. One day I'll look back and think, "Those were the easy parenting days!" :)

  3. Yea for sign language!!! I remembered some more signs after you left. Remind me to show you.
    P.S. I KNEW she'd pick it up fast! In the words of London, "Good job Karsie!"