Wednesday, June 16, 2010

San Diego Trip Recap

These have been a long time coming...
Here are some highlights from our San Diego trip!

Not in SD, but worth posting anyway... eating Mac and Cheese with Great Grandma!
Practicing her mad skills!

Visiting with Karsie's Godparents in Old Town.

Karsie was getting sprayed by the fountain, so she spit right back at it!

Telling her Godmama a story.

"What, is something funny?"

On the bus at the zoo... seeing the sights.

Karsie took to this elephant (and he to her) and they had a bit of a conversation. She even waved bye-bye to him.

Getting spit on by Shamu.

Watching the La Jolla seals.

While we were visiting with some friends, Karsie took a ninja lesson.

We had the honor and privilege of watching Michelle's cousin graduate (no pic) and Karsie's Godmama get her PhD! Congrats to you both!!!


  1. Your Aunt Mandy would be so proud that you really like elephants. Elephants and humpback whales are her favorites. Grandma would not give Aunt Mandy a real pet elephant but maybe mommy and daddy will get you one if you are reeeeeeeally lucky or would that be unlucky? Grandma T.

  2. Wow! These pictures are wonderful, and they tell a wonderful story of your growth and progress! Enjoy all of your summer!

  3. Love the one with Grandma at Mac & Cheeza....and the spitting one....classic! :)

  4. I am so excited that you took so well to the elephant. It has always been my favourite animal! Well, that and Humpback Whales. I am so happy you think the same! We need to go to the zoo together and watch the elephants!

    Aunty Mandy

  5. Did you seriously spell FAVORITE with a "U"??? You're not European yet...