Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Goodbye Napper!

Oh the fun...

So, many of you may not know that we have been very blessed with a pretty happy, pretty compliant kid. Karsie has her days and moments like every baby, but for the most part, she's relatively easy...excluding medical stuff.

One of these areas that we have been blessed with good fortune is napping and nighttime sleep. Karsie pretty much knows when it's time to sleep and rolls over fairly quickly and goes to sleep. We put her down and there may be a fussy period for about 2-3 minutes, but she rolls to her side and goes down not too long thereafter.

All that is changing. She has learned now how to get up from laying down and get into sitting/crawling position. And now she does it ALWAYS! Last night we found her sleeping sitting up. We just put her down for a nap and before we even got out of the room she had...(ok...literally just got done checking on her because weird noises were coming from the room and this is what we saw...she's supposed to be napping)
Ok...before we had even gotten out of the room she had swiftly pulled herself up and was sitting up. Long story short...she has replaced her compliant napping attitude with sitting up and playing. And here we go...


  1. oh how funny! :) Love the sleeping sitting up picture!

  2. She's related to her uncle Todd.

  3. Hi, I just found your blog in the Dicarlo's site, I'm Karina , Griver's mom he was in the nicu when Karsie was there Im so glad that she is so big and beautiful , she is so precious :)