Saturday, May 15, 2010

'Tis the Season to be Allergic

Karsie and Kevin are suffering from the Bakersfield allergy season. Both have been hacking and uncomfortable. If the weather wants to get rid of all of its dust particles and pollen, it will not be too soon.

It's also the time Bakersfield turns from nice weather to mildly uncomfortable to "Holy moly I want to die it's so hot" all in the matter of a couple of weeks. It has hit that mildly uncomfortable stage during the day but fairly nice at night. Soon we will be letting Karsie hang out with just her diaper.

Karsie has been doing lots of cute things lately. She has learned to wave. She has learned to say "Yeah" in sign language thanks to her awesome babysitter. She also has learned to give kisses. All of which are fairly inconsistent, but when she gets on a roll, she knows what to do.


  1. How is Karsie doing with her sippy cup and her eating??? More pictures, please! We love you guys. Is Michelle returning to work, soon? Next September???
    God bless you guys.

  2. Karsie is doing fairly well on her eating. She is eating lots of solids as she is introduced to them. But still no bottle. She doesn't like it. Just breast feeding. Michelle has returned to work already. This March. She returned part time (2 days a week) and will continue part time this August (we start early in Bakersfield).

  3. God bless you all as you have ventured back to work! Wow - I know that is lots to handle It is so good to hear that she is eating well, I think that she will need a bit more time, either it will be a bottle or a sippy cup. God bless your family of three! (and a 10 monther!)