Thursday, May 27, 2010

"She's So Cute!!!"

Dear Karsie -

Your mother and I are very aware that parents like to brag about their kids. At some time in your life, we're guessing in about 10 years or so, you will come to the conclusion that we think you're cute because we "have to". We will tell you the stories about how you were such a cute baby and for some strange reason, you will think "Yeah, that's just what all parents think about their kids." So let me just cover my bases now by telling you in just the past day I've had numerous people exclaim how cute you are. Not just your parents saying it - random people coming up and gawking at your adorableness (not sure that's word).

So for the record, it's not just us. I will save this for that special day when you need to hear this.



  1. ...and, might I add, for the record...
    Your Daddy is so right. All parents believe their baby is the cutest on the planet and they often take some of the credit and affirm your cuteness because babies resemble their parents & grandparents. You are cute not because you look a little like me, or your Grandmas, or your Mommy, or even your daddy. It's true, you have a resemblance to all of us. Just ask us, we'll tell you that we see us in you, or that something you do reminds us of us. You are cute because you were created in God's image and you shine that image out to the world. Not only did he make you, but he has carried you through some really tough times. You smile and laugh so often that we don't see a little girl who was born with so many complications that we thought we would never get to know you. We see the girl that God created, a happy, smiling girl, full of joy and promise. You are an example of God's love for us because through your cuteness, your smile, your joy, we see an overflowing love for life, the way God's love overflows to us. Wow! You sure are a cutie!

  2. and this is what it is all about...
    God has gifted us with you!!!

  3. And if she STILL doesn't believe you, call me on the phone and I will back you up with great verbosity and detail.

  4. I have plenty of pictures to cover my end Karsie!! You're my favorite little Omphalocele baby and I love you and will miss you terribly this summer!! I'm already missing you! I only wish that I would have written something down for your cousin to read when SHE gets older. Maybe you could remind her? Love you!! Kisses from Auntie.