Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting Back to Normal

For the most part, everything is back to normal in the Turner household. Karsie is up to full feeds again and doing really well. She actually has a little more of an oral appetite than normal, which is great! Yesterday at her aunt Becky's she gobbled up a big bottle for her (despite being on continuous feeds) and she did it for us later that day too. That's good for two reasons. First of all she's hungry and wanting more food. Secondly, she's taking a bottle, which is something she usually doesn't do. Maybe Becky has the magic touch :). She is up to 33 mL an hour with her normal two (2-hour) breaks. We now will start to condense her back to where she was before she went to the hospital, which is 110 mL an hour 3 times a day - and then continuous at night.

The only thing that lingers is an obvious loss of weight. Karsie looks pretty skinny again in her neck and arms and legs. We don't have a weight yet since we haven't been to the doctor's and they didn't weigh her on discharge. The last weight we got was 15 lbs. 8 oz. but that was when she went in and was filled with fluids. We're pretty sure that she was over 15 but not by much. Hopefully she fills in quickly. However, we went to OT yesterday and she was doing awesome! She actually might get to the point where she can crawl believe it or not (Pinky and all).

She is 9 months today, so we'll have our usual pictures of her in her onesie with the "9" on it. But right now she's napping, so it may be a bit. She's been learning how to throw a good temper tantrum, so she wore herself out in her crib today. Good little stinker! Thank you again for all the prayer. We're sure at some point we'll need it again.

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  1. So glad to hear that she's feeling well again and is eating so much orally! Just yesterday we were talking about how today makes it 9 months of Karsie's amazing life... and she's so fantastic, brave, and strong (not to mention cute!)...and we're so glad we get to be a part of her journey!