Friday, April 2, 2010

Five Things Friday (plus a few more)!

1. Karsie makes this face a lot... she likes to spit through her lips... and it is super cute!
2. We went for a walk with an old friend and her new baby. How fun!

3. Karsie and Bode (Nana's dog) are both teething and chewing on everything!

4. Karsie got a super cool Easter basket... and she fit inside! Thanks Nana and Grampa!

5. Karsie with Grandma... playing with a cool rattle toy!

6. More spitting.

7. Big smiles at the flower fields!

8. Isn't she just the cutest! Sitting up on her own!

9. Bode wanted to join Karsie in the tub... what a fun time!


  1. Oh my gosh that last face is AMAZING!!!

  2. your baby is gorgeous and those ranunculus are gorgeous too!