Friday, April 9, 2010

And Again

Karsie had a real rough night last night. After a while on full feeds she started to have the same symptoms that made us bring her in with the swelling of the bowels and leaking G-Tube site, retching, and irritability. The thought is that she is like a balloon where there's too much substance than there is room, and her virus is keeping her bowel from working properly so when she fills up she bursts at all ends. So they stopped her feeding for a while and we're trying it again today. We're going up by 5 mLs every 3 hours now instead of 2 to give Karsie a chance to adapt and hope that the virus is dying enough for her bowel to start to work again.


  1. That's sad news. :( I'm very sorry to hear that she has to back-track again. We keep praying she'll get well soon and get to leave the hospital!

  2. Always thinking about you guys. And praying for Karsie. Hope she feels better soon!