Sunday, March 7, 2010


We're still alive. Promise. We've just had a busy week. Karsie has been keeping us quite busy.

While we have been just going day to day doing the normal baby thing, we are about to start back with appointments and checkups.

March 30th we have two appointments. One of those appointments is to meet with G.I. Right now we are maintaining the same feeding schedule we have been for a couple of months. However, we will most likely be starting to change her feedings and schedules this time. Karsie has been getting increasingly more mobile and she can't be dragging her bag around as she moves around. We also need to start getting her feeding on solids more often. The next appointment is with Dr. Saenz. We hope that we will have some information on upcoming surgeries as he will evaluate Karsie's growth and ability to handle the surgery.

April 8th we have an appointment with plastic surgery to talk about the tissue expanders, an appointment with neurology to follow up on her brain activity, and a "follow up" appointment with Children's Hospital to check her overall development. She will spend about 2 hours with various specialists to work with her and play with her to check on her development and milestones. This will be interesting to see how Karsie is doing and what obstacles we will need to work on next.

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  1. from reading the blog she seems to be doing SO well developmently!
    Good luck with all the upcoming appointments!