Friday, March 26, 2010

Five Things Friday

1. Karsie still loves bath time... and Kevin found his knack as a hair stylist!

2. Karsie had her first trip to the local ice cream shop... she didn't partake... but she had fun none-the-less!

3. Karsie is doing very well at PT/OT this week. She is getting much better at holding her balance while sitting unassisted. She has also begun practice on hands and knees. The therapists really believe we will be able to teach her how to crawl... and we are pretty excited about that. She will hold herself up using her arms for a couple minutes... it is amazing how quickly she is getting these new skills!

4. Karsie loves to be outside now that it is warmer. She has these awesome shades... and she finds them amusing. She also loves to go for walks and play in the sunshine! We only have a precious few weeks of spring before the temperature goes above tolerable... so we are trying to take advantage of the great weather!
5. Week of appointments... we are heading into a week of lots of appointments... on Tuesday we will see GI, and Surgery (Dr. Saenz)... and then we still have the usual PT, OT and hopefully speech appointments (speech was put on hold, waiting for some paperwork).

Have a great weekend!


  1. Thank you for the beautiful update!!!
    She is such a sweetie!!!

  2. Those sunglasses are hilarious! What a little movie star!

  3. Glad Kevin found his calling in life, haha! Love the shades picture...LOVE MY BUG!!!