Monday, February 15, 2010


Quick updates on Karsie:

1. Pinky is so close. That last part of the scab is being real persistent.

2. Rice cereal still seems to be Karsie's food of choice, which makes sense. The flavor is probably as close to breast milk as all the foods we try.

3. Karsie is ever so slightly starting to stiffen her legs when put upright. She is still slow at it and not real strong, but it's coming.

4. Karsie has started to really talk. She's been working on her "M" sounds, which really sounds like "mama" if we didn't know she has no idea what she's saying. She also is working on her "B" sounds. She's still being stubborn with her "Omph" sounds which we're trying to get her first word to be "omphalocele." We'll see how that goes.

Things Karsie still needs help with:

1. Legs - while we see improvement, her legs are still pretty weak.

2. Neck - we also see huge improvements during tummy time. She is able to lift her head for a few minutes and even look around. Her endurance has improved a lot too, but it's still weak.

3. Cough - Karsie still has a lingering cough, which the doctors told us could happen after the hospitalization with RSV. She has one or two real good gags a day due to the phlegm being caught in her throat.


  1. Thick phlegm is a Royal trait.

  2. I am so glad to hear about her eating solid foods.....Way to go karsie Gene!
    Legs getting a bit stronger, working on head control.
    And talking too.....great work.
    And almost completley healed up as well...caw!
    WHAT a good girl!
    Give her a huge kiss from me please?
    Love, Jen.