Thursday, February 4, 2010

GI Appointment Recap

Yesterday's GI appointment went very well... and I feel SO much better about things after having the chance to talk with the doctor and nurse! Let me give you a little recap of the appointment.

Karsie was weighed and came in at 5.845 kilos = 12 lbs 14 oz. This means that she has continued to grow very well over the last month. Things have slowed down a bit, but that is ok... she is right at her growth goal! She is finally on the growth chart (albeit very very low... but she has made it onto the chart)!

She is now allowed to officially start baby foods. We got the green light to start with bananas and rice cereal and slowly advance with feeding by mouth. All of this is to be done at Karsie's lead... if she doesn't want to eat one day, she doesn't have to. This is all supposed to be super pleasant experiences and we will let her dictate the pace.

We are also allowed to replace 4oz of her formula with 4 oz of breast milk. So her total calories for the day are being decreased! This is great news... and it also means that we are going to be able to put a dent in that milk supply! Yahoo!
I was taught how to replace the g-tube button and how to check it to make sure it is in properly.

We were only taught how to clean it in the NICU and then sent on our merry way... fully expecting to have to go to the ER if something happened to the button. However, now if the button comes out or if it needs to be replaced... we can do that at home! I feel SO much better now!

I talked with the doctor about tummy time... and the whole rolling over business. She felt that tummy time on her mat is ok... but tummy time on her belly is probably not the best idea. There are too many things that could kink or get smooshed that she would rather us not take any chances.

Karsie is going to continue on her meds for now. She doesn't want to change the meds because things are going well... and she doesn't want to change too much. Karsie will probably stay on the prilosec as long as she has the g-tube. It is a safe medicine so long term use isn't a problem. The reglan does have some possible side effects, but because it helps everything move through, it is very beneficial for Karsie right now. She is on a low dose and that is not changing.

As for the skin covering Pinky... the last little bit of granulation tissue is now scabbed over and should be ready to fall off pretty soon. We will continue to dress the wound until then, but hopefully very soon we will have pictures of the amazing skin without any granulation tissue!

Overall, the appointment went very well and we go back at the end of March. At that appointment, we will get to start looking at condensing during the day time! Hooray!

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