Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The "Not So Much News" Announcement

To many of you this isn't really news. We had hoped to put this up earlier, but things haven't been finalized, so we don't want to be premature, but in order to prevent mass hysteria with our family (even though they already know) we'll post it anyway.

After over six months, Karsie is getting dedicated. Assuming things stay the same Karsie will be dedicated on February 7th in San Diego. We are extremely excited about it. We are very honored to have Reuben Welch, someone very special to us, perform the dedication ceremony.

We haven't gotten the official word back from the church yet, so the date may change, but we think it's a go.


  1. Yay...so excited! but bummed we can't be there in person! We will just have to settle for being there 'in spirit'! :) Or better yet....let's have a dedication re-enactment when you all return! :)