Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Blog... revisited

Okay... if you stopped by yesterday afternoon you maybe saw a poll and a short blog explaining the poll.  Then very quickly, the poll went away.  
I had been contemplating if I was going to start a new blog for crafting, tutorials, recipes, green living, etc.  Then I thought I would poll all you readers and see what you thought... but then after I posted the poll, I kept thinking and I decided I wanted to make a separate blog from this one... and keep Karsie the main focus of this blog.  So I took down the poll.  I am hoping to start the new blog in a few days... I still need a name for said blog (and am open to suggestions).  I will, of course, let you know when I start the new blog and give you that info in case you care to follow.
So, there you have it... in case you wondered about the short lived poll :)

In other news... Karsie is doing well.  I signed the paperwork yesterday for her RSV shot.  As soon as it gets shipped to the Dr.'s office, I will take her in to get her synagis!  We are enjoying all the rain and wind by spending lots of snuggle time inside!  Also, we still don't have an OK for solids from the GI docs but it is a question we plan on asking at our next visit.  But in the meantime, we have started to let Karsie taste little bits of banana.  I have rubbed the spoon on the banana and then let her lick it.  She isn't even really getting bites, but she is getting the taste.  We have also started giving her spoonfuls of water on occasion to help her get ready for eating from a spoon.  Her OT at Children's wanted her to start on solids as early as the GI docs would allow so she doesn't develop any oral aversions and to keep her orally stimulated.  So... until we see the GI docs, we are letting her play with a new flavor!  


  1. I'm definitely thinking Page Turner for the new blog.

  2. I like Page Turner! :)

  3. I think Maya just wrote in as an anonymous so she could get an extra vote! Haha! Just kidding Maya, I know you would NEVER do such a thing. =)